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The power of light: going beyond illumination


Brett Andersen believes we make lighting projects memorable by using light to guide the eye, creating beautiful visual compositions, and instilling an emotion in everyone that experiences a space. To do this, we need a foundation comprising three elements: understanding the goal, analyzing the problem and consensus on a central concept. We must also navigate the two most crucial parts of the lighting design process: the beginning and the end. Final details like aiming fixtures and adjusting levels, for example, are pivotal in accomplishing the design team’s vision.

Light beyond illumination

Join this webinar on June 22, 2017, to learn about the lighting designer’s responsibilities throughout the project lifecycle, which ultimately influence how viewers experience and remember spaces.


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Brett Anderson

About the speaker:


Brett is a principal designer at Focus Lighting who has collaborated with world-renowned design professionals in his career, blending architecture and light in unique ways that create memorable experiences.