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Webinar: Lighting design within media architecture


A digital revolution is beginning within the real space, manifesting in the form of media architecture that increasingly enhance our urban landscape with large scale digital interfaces. This offers significant potential to architects, lighting designers, content designers and technical providers to execute ambitious projects. However, it poses great challenges to those attempting to create responsible and sustainable media architecture projects.

When liighting becomes architecture

To best shape our future digital cities, we must rethink traditional design processes and take an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. Within this approach, illuminants become pixels, video content becomes architecture and screens become architecture lighting. 


Join this webinar on May 24, 2017, to learn about media architecture and the increasingly high convergence between architecture, media design, lighting design and media engineering.

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Thorsten Bauer

About the speaker: 


Thorsten Bauer is an award-winning creative director, curator and consultant of international immersive installations in the fields of projection mapping and media architecture, and founder of the artist collective, Urbanscreen.